Donald Rumsfeld was a criminal in suit and tie.

Donald Rumsfeld was a criminal who disguised himself as an unscrupulous chief officer, with a firm stance in a suit and a well-sewn eagle.

Stripped of all the necessary fabrics, like that is an epitaph that came to my mind when I discovered his death yesterday.

It is also so, I think, he will be remembered for the many ruined people who live in the remains of many ruined places where he caused so much harm, suffering and grief.

And, if the truth is any guide, so it is that anyone who has not been blinded by the good lies that will now be told about who and what Rumsfeld should remember.

In that predictable situation, there will be a common statement, written by ordinary suspects, declaring a life of star service and unstoppable for a series of simple presidents and a grateful nation.

With a strong sense of imminent rehabilitation that will surely follow his death, this is where The Associated Press describes Rumsfeld as “a skilled and visionary director of the modern American military” whose reputation has been shaken by a long and costly war. Iraq. . “

From AP’s delightful account, Rumsfeld seems to have led a good, but fulfilling life – his “skills” and his “visions”, sadly, were not erased by, alas, the wrong war.

Not having finished Rumsfeld’s dirty work, PA shared this gooey vignette to former US Secretary of Defense and readers: “‘Rami’, as he was often called, was ambitious, sly, powerful, responsible and able to get personal warmth . “

My God.

These are the times that cannot be denied when the “establishment” media repeats its reputation by writing oh it is charitable and presumed “unequal” for strong men with important titles at this time demanding brutal and unbridled loyalty.

Integrity cannot allow for the rapid evasion of Rumsfeld’s abominable heritage as an unrepentant, unrepentant firefighter, an innocent designer of secret torture chambers and a government kidnapping package known as the “Restoration”.

Rumsfeld as a man – with divine zeal and stubbornness – all the common, corrosive and inhuman elements of the rejected doctrines of American prejudice that have led, time and again, to despair, destruction and death on the planet.

In Rumsfeld’s geographical misconceptions, America was a good policeman Globo and he, a happy warrior in a suit and beautiful eagle, imagined a world – especially the Middle East and Afghanistan – that resembled the mythical story, made in America. democracy and democracy.

In fact, the irony and indescribable irony is that one of the characteristics of evangelical believers like Rumsfeld – like the presidents he worked for – is the ability needed, and indeed the importance, to cripple and kill. To an extent incomprehensible to achieve their philanthropic goals.

Rumsfeld was a compulsory officer who, in deed and word, enabled – in his flat, bureaucratic preference – assassins who took over the Oval Office, known as the Commander-in-Chief.

With this measure, Rumsfeld was successful. He ordered others to kill him from the parcel, the Pentagon monastery – safe, as usual, from any measure of danger or liability.

Thus, in the unresolved remnants of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Rumsfeld and his allies of the same doctrine used the opportunity to carry out their evil and evil Imperial plans.

First there was the invasion of Afghanistan in September 2001 to overthrow the Taliban and al-Qaeda rout. History and geography must be the rage of the Rumsfeld nature to go to war. They don’t.

The tragic and unmistakable consequences of Rumsfeld’s arrogance and strategic stupidity are obvious – Many innocent Afghans and American soldiers were disfigured and dead, billions lost, and a sick and resurrected Taliban ready to prove his rule over the wounded and landed for decades two after the American invasion.

Rumsfeld’s tragic incident in Afghanistan was a precursor to the Bush administration’s bad accounting in Iraq.

It was a voluntary war born out of a massive falsehood – confirmed and reprimanded by the same journalists who solemnly praised Rumsfeld today – that Saddam Hussein not only had weapons of mass destruction, but he intended, with fury, to release London and elsewhere.


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