Don’t go back to Rwanda- Govt warns Uganda citizen.

Once again Museveni’s government has warned its citizens not to go back to Rwanda due to Unsolved diplomatic standoff between the two countries.

The whole started last year, where 370 Uganda citizen were brought back to their country according Uganda’s High commission reports.

Following this exercise that was funded by the government of Uganda, it has continued to receive cries of several citizens who are stranded in Rwanda. This has prompted the government to warn citizen from visiting the country.

The government has now said that the repatriation exercise of those remaining citizen in Rwanda is still ongoing. Currently they are collecting data of these people. Over 3000 Ugandans are estimated to reside in Uganda.

However, despite the government revealing that the exercise is ongoing, the remaining group of people will have to use their own transport ,as the government claim that they shunned the exercise intentionally.

Do you think this disputes cannot be solved? So as to avoid such unnecessary stretches… What’s your thought thou? Drop them on the comment section that is at the bottom of the page.. Thank you.

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