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DP Gachagua: Incase of handshake, I won’t be there

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Vice President Rigathi Gachagua said if there was a handshake between opposition leader Raila Odinga and President William Ruto, he would not be involved.

Speaking in Kiambu County at an oil consecration ceremony at the AIPCA Church on Thursday, he said he did not want to shake Raila’s hand either.

“These people leave me. I am not a difficult person; I only say what my superiors want. My people don’t want to shake hands – or do you? He said the other day he didn’t want to hold my hand, do I see accepting his greeting? asked Gachagua.

A photo file of DP Rigathi Gachagua

DP said nothing good comes from shaking hands.

“He shook hands with our prior president who was a good man full of respect but later you all saw what happened. Even if there is a handshake, I as Rigathi Gachagua will not be there,” he said.

“You can shake hands and things change. Can you tell me to shake hands with him? I can’t and I won’t be there. For me, I am a pastor’s husband.

He said the Azimio coalition wanted half of the government when they had a chance, but they failed.

“It doesn’t matter if they encourage me or make fun of me, it’s impossible for those who didn’t plant to harvest, you know I found them in the queue at the White House, those who didn’t plant anything were inside. the front line and those who were riding were behind,” he said.

“I decided that my job would be to move forward those who climbed and ask those who didn’t climb anything to go back. That is why they are asking to share the government and they claim that I am the one who does not change.

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