DP Gachagua: We’re looking for a professional DCI not a drama queen

Representative President Rigathi Gachagua currently says the nation is anticipating having an expert Directorate of Criminal Examinations (DCI) office without show and legislative issues.

Gachagua said that the DCI ought to direct its examinations from the full glare of the media and the general population.

Addressing Resident television Sunday, the Representative President said that the time had come to upgrade the manner in which the analytical organization works.

“We are searching for an expert DCI. Why the DCI officials are in non military personnel garments is on the grounds that they should be watchful so they can complete examinations in a circumspect way,” Gachagua said.

A photo image of DP Rigathi Gachagua

The Representative President revolted against uncovering subtleties of any examinations to people in general before they are settled.

“We need an expert DCI, who won’t invest energy on show, who won’t invest time on the press, who will explore cases appropriately, get proof and prosecute individuals and get a conviction, and the subtleties of examinations ought to be known by the press from the charge sheet when it is finished and settled,” he said.

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The second in order additionally said that the Nation believes the Overseer General of Police should assume responsibility for all that includes security.

“We believe the IG should assume responsibility. We had what was going on where the DCI resembled responsible for the IG, he was offered a lot of slack, to try and situate on the IG, to try and scare the DPP. We maintain that the new IG should assume responsibility for the police administration,” Gachagua said in a hidden reference to the previous DCI Chief George Kinoti who was broadly blamed for exceeding his command while in charge of the country’s analytical arm.

Area 28 of the Public Police Administration Act directs that “there is laid out the Directorate of Criminal Examinations which will be under the heading, order, and control of the Overseer General.”

As indicated by area 29 subsection (8) of the Public Police Administration Act, The Head of Criminal Examinations will be liable for carrying out the choices of the Investigator General; productive organization of the Directorate; the everyday organization and the executives of the undertakings of the Directorate.

“The presentation of such different obligations as might be allocated by the Auditor General, the Commission, or as might be recommended by this Demonstration, or some other composed regulation,” the NPS act says.

Gachagua’s comments come two days after the Public Police Administration Commission (NPSC) designated Massa Salim as the acting Head of Criminal Examinations for 14 days forthcoming continuous enrollment.

The DCI Chief post was proclaimed empty following the abdication of George Kinoti last Tuesday

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