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Dp Ruto promises to buy land for squatters from absentee landlords

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Vice President William Ruto said yesterday that the Kenya First Alliance would buy land from non-existent landowners in the coastal area and put squatters there if he is elected to the White House in the August 9 general election.

Speaking in Vigurungani Kinango constituency, Ruto said his government would set aside money to buy land and identify the number of squatters in the coastal area to accommodate them.

“I am fully aware that land is a big problem in the Coast area. We have a lot of squatters and because there is a lot of undeveloped land, we will buy it from landlords who are not there to accommodate you,” Ruto said.

He followed his enemy; Union Resolution candidate Raila Odinga, accusing him of making false land promises to coastal residents. “What has Raila done for the people of Kwale and Coast in general?” He asked.

He added that the agenda of the Declaration was already focused on changing the Constitution for their own benefit instead of fixing a strong economy that affected the local citizen.

“Do you think Raila will help you?” “His agenda is more about how they will change the Constitution and benefit from it themselves, not to reform the economy of mother vegetables and bodaboda, in Kenya.

Ruto’s sentiments were echoed by Kilifi governor Amason Kingi; who recently joined the Kenya First Alliance, saying the Declaration does not have a real agenda for coastal residents.

“You all know I was in this camp, these people have no agenda for the coastal people,” Kingi said.

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