DP Ruto’s son vent his disappointments to Uhuru over his father’s betrayal.

William Ruto’s son, Nick Ruto has finally opened up about the strained relationship between his father Vice President William Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta in a voice speech targeting the head of state.

The lawyer in a cover-up operation against the president reminded the Commander-in-Chief that he needed his father’s support to defeat Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga in the 2013 and 2017 general elections.

Dp Ruto and His son; Image/courtesy.

Nick felt that the president would not be able to defeat the NASA Five Best if his father had not set aside his presidential ambition and decided to oust the head of state.

“He needed one man to defeat five leaders. But today he is planning six managers to defeat one person B. That one man will defeat them mercilessly in the polls. Some fights are very difficult.” he said.

The DP child could not hide his grief at the way the head of state separated his father and rallied OKA leaders to support former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in the upcoming elections.

Confident Nick Ruto, however, assured President Uhuru Kenyatta that his father would emerge victorious every time the country voted.


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