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Drama as a maid was caught red-handed by boss’s wife lacing the husband’s meal with charm.

Some weird cases have been reported involving the employer or the househelps.

One lady who has worked in one of the homes as a house help was caught red handed by boss’s wife doing the unthinkable. The househelp who is in her mid twenties without being blessed with a partner, is alleged that this may be the reason why she used charms to try divert her boss to marry her


The incident happened after the househelp visited a witchdoctor who gave her the charm to overturn her boss’s husband to love her.

It is also said that the househelp has been doing this till when she delayed to prepare breakfast and caught by the wife red handedly doing the charming.

After being caught, the woman of the house raised alarm which alerted locals to come to witness what transpired. It is at this point that the Househelp exposed the strange plans to overturn the boss’s marriage in her favor.

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