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Drama as Nyanza governor is caught in bed with a fellow politician wife

Trembling, the county chief, whose name has been withheld for security reasons, had to change his clothes while the baby was born.

The governor is said to have married several women but still chose to indulge in the affair with his colleague’s wife.

After he caught his colleague chewing on his wife in the act, the Governor pulled out his gun and made “the thief dump his personal belongings.

Fortunately, his bodyguards quickly intervened. The two were stuck and could not separate.

It was later discovered that after suspecting that his husband had cheated on her, the county chief through his aide requested the intervention of herbalist Mwikali Kilonzo to help unravel the riddle.

In fact for his fear, the 40 days of flight were finally set in time. The governor had to pay a large fine to secure his independence.

The county chief is in hiding. For more than a week now he has not entered his office

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