Drama in DCI office as they list wrong person as most wanted terrorists.

The drama refers to information provided by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) about the identity of a man who is among the most wanted criminals.

The young man from Nyeri surrendered to the county police after seeing a picture of him circulating on social media.

Concerned and wanting to clear his name, the man, identified as Robert Gathogo Ngunjiri, surrendered to police and was arrested.

Nyeri Sub-County Police Commander Paul Kuria said Gathogo told police he had been arrested and convicted of robbery in 2014 and that was why police had a picture of him in the database.

DCI office images.

Gathogo, however, appealed the decision and was acquitted of the offense in January 2019.

“He went to the police station on Wednesday evening, claiming to be the man in a photograph of Abdurahman Hajj, but the accompanying information was not his,” Kuria said.

But, despite pleading not guilty, the teenager was arrested by detectives from the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU).

The 27-year-old girl was transferred to Nairobi by ATPU officials for questioning.

Gathogo’s photo was accompanied by a description of a man by the pseudonym Abdurahman Hija Mnubi, a 27-year-old visitor who visited Nyeri claiming he was innocent.

He was one of eight people wanted by the DCI for what police said was a “serious” crime.

DCI reported that a man identified as a Prophet was allegedly sent back to Kenya to carry out a terrorist attack and that is why he was on DCI’s red list.

DCI had further warned the public that the alleged escape suspects were armed and dangerous, and urged the public to help arrest them.

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