Drama in Kisii after Mother and Daughter were caught naked performing witchcraft in School.

Tension and dismay has clouded the residents of Kisii after waking up to an ambiguous scenario in the wee hours of the morning.

The villagers from Keroka in Kisii County allegedly caught a pastor’s wife and her daughter stark naked in a school compound performing rituals. They reportedly escaped lynching by the mob.

Sources reveal that the girl named Kwamboka was a new student in the school. She was reportedly expelled from her previous school for conducting witchcraft activities at night inside their dormitories.

Local reveal that witchcraft runs within their family and Kwamboka was being initiated into the practice. They were first seen at the school compound by the watchman during routine patrol. The ladies were seen gyrating their waists while making strange noises.

An alarm was raised by the watchman that brought the local residents to the scene. They were cornered and the mother identified as one of the members of the mother’s union of the seven day adventist.

The school administrators are looking into the matter and the mother has since been excommunicated from the church.

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