Edgar Obare’s Instagram page missing after ‘wash wash’ expose.

Edgar Obare, known as the Tea Teacher, is not on Instagram.

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Fans found out that they didn’t get his Instagram account verified and, oddly enough, after his recent “wash in the wash” exposure.

The old BNN tea master account also does not work because it does not move one to its verified account.

The Instagram presenter is not afraid of controversy as he has been on Twitter for two days for his ugly “Wash Wash” conversation.

In the show, he linked businessmen with several women as he claims they are involved in money laundering.

Edgar illustrates the work in this way;

-His unknown followers (he hides their identity) give him “tea” / spoon.

-He continues to publish their revelations through screenshots on his Drive.

In the talks, some Kenyans said they wanted to increase their money, but as was the case when dealing with scams, they ended up being teased.

Their meeting unfortunately ended giving them an idea of ​​how some attractive businessmen make money.


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