Eko Dydda robbed his MCA certificate by goons

Gospel rapper Eko Dydda has uncovered how he was looted off his Mathare North Ward endorsement promptly it was given to him.

While making the disclosure on his Instagram account, Eko Dydda promised to do all that could be within reach to repossess the archive.

The artiste likewise posted a video of himself with a profound cut on one of his fingers. He anyway didn’t say how he supported the injury.

“I will put forth a valiant effort to get back my declaration, it is straightforward, we can’t let a couple of hooligans to continue to drive on whole ward to reuse terrible initiative. For what reason truly do individuals vote on the off chance that their votes won’t count. I guarantee Mathare North ward that your votes should count this time,” he said.

a file image of Eko Dydda
A file image of Eko Dydda

On Friday, the artist’s better half Cynthia Ayugi had asserted that her significant other had disappeared.

“I’m searching for Eko Dydda, I can’t track down him,” said Cynthia, who is otherwise called Galia.

She said the last time she saw artiste was early Friday morning at 1:30am when he passed on Stima Members Grounds in Ruaraka to gather his endorsement.

“Subsequent to coming from Stima Member Club we needed to go various ways. We met around Jogoo Road then went various ways since cops were calling him letting him know his life was in harm’s way,” Cynthia said.

She said she later got a text from her better half saying he was not OK. Cynthia additionally guarantees Eko Dydda was purportedly gone after by blade using thugs while leaving the counting community.