Elephants invade Naivasha highway, attacks motorist

A driver treating wounds at a hospital after being attacked by elephants straying on the Naivasha-Mai Mahiu highway.

During the incident on Wednesday, December 29, the driver was attacked by elephants heard on the side of the road.

The large animals attacked and trampled on his car while the helpless driver remained inside.

Fortunately, the man survived the attack, although he was injured. He was rushed by his sympathizers to Naivasha Sub-County Hospital.

Witnesses said the elephants destroyed property of unknown value in the suburbs of Lakeview and Hellsgate. Locals have sounded the alarm at the Kenya Wildlife Service Institute in Lakeview.

KWS patrons were sent to track down the elephants in an attempt to raise animals that were a threat to human life and property.

The operation continued until Thursday, December 30, when guards searched for the elephants in a field on the highway. A roadblock is set up along the highway, to allow guards to hunt elephants.

While the guards led the elephants down, the helicopter tracked the movements from above.

KWS found that the elephants had left Narok and were heading for Aberdares. The guards noticed that the attack on the top animals was normal.

In September 2021, a herd of lost elephants panicked on the Mombasa-Nairobi highway in Mariakani.

The incident came about a month after KWS agents were forced to shoot an elephant in Voi on August 31 to rescue passengers stranded in a private car.

Passengers got stuck after hitting the elephant and causing it to land on the car.

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