Eli Omundu reveals how he spent the money he stole from Jalang’o

Langata individual from parliament previous staff member Eli Omundu has spoken a very long time after they supposedly took from their chief, Jalang’o.

Addressing Eve Mungai, Eli Omundu conceded that they took from their supervisor only weeks after they had loaded acclaim on him being an incredible man.

“It is valid, Satan assumed command over us briefly and we violated our chief, we had entered work and as we washed our supervisor’s vehicles my more youthful sibling (Litiema) ran over Sh1 million which he filled me in about however I advised him to keep off. Litiema hurried off leaving me driving me to likewise leave,” he described.

Eli Omundu and Jalang'o images
Eli Omundu and Jalang’o images

Eli Omundu further uncovered that they had been going over considerably more cash in the vehicles however the sepcific episode was something he was unable to make sense of.

He uncovered that they had to give up after Jalang’o unveiled the episode sharing their photographs on his web-based entertainment stages.

Eli Omundu confession

“At the point when we heard our manager had shared our photos, we realized our lives were in peril since we might have perhaps run over a horde that would have jumped on us, we turned to give up to guard our lives,” Eli expressed.

Concerning whereabouts of the taken cash, Eli said he returned it despite the fact that he had previously spent piece of it, he said he by and by returned the cash and requested pardoning.

Eli uncovered that life went in a new direction subsequent to returning the cash as he has not had the option to get work adding his significant other is likewise disheartened in him.

“Since we left Nairobi, my youngsters have not even gone to class, my better half is additionally very disheartened with me and my marriage is in danger of breaking presently,” he expressed.

Eli Omundu said he has been on the quest for his previous manager to retouch the wrecked scaffold and is interesting to his Jalang’o to allow him a second opportunity to modify his life.

In a new meeting, Jalang’o said he was ready to excuse the two should the general population concur he has them back.

“I’m a man of a spotless heart would it be a good idea for you acknowledge we have them in those days we will unquestionably have them back,” Jalang’o said.

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