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Embakasi MP volunteers to sell his degree to politicians.

There have been so much going on in the politics arena of Kenya. A law that passed recently that every politicians no matter the seat vying for should be having a degree level in education.

The member of parliament for Embakasi East Constituency Honorable Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino has volunteered to sell his degrees to politicians who will be vying for a post in the upcoming elections.


Taking on his twitter account saying that te law that requires politicians to have a degree will blow off so many chances to so many.

“Introduction of degree as a condition to protest for positions in 2022 will be a challenge to many , as a result, I’m asking anyone without a degree certificate to buy one of my many degrees. I have 6 diplomas and 4 degree certificate at an affordable price.”

According to Babu, among his 6 diplomas and 4 degrees the most expensive is his first honors certificate in Actuarial Science which will cost a leg, an arm and liver.

“First class Honors in Actuarial Science will cost you a leg and an arm plus a liver,” He added.

This comes at a time when even top politicians are still lamenting about the law claiming if amended it will deny others of a fair chance for leadership.

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