Embu men complain wives beat them, won’t have sex.

Embu men say they are ridiculed when they report to the police , their children mistreat them. They want the government to empower them and consider balanced treatment of both men and women in the county.

The men said that they are beaten by their women and denied conjugal rights where also children mistreat them.

Inua wazee patron, Joseph Wega spoke on behalf of the men and said that the situation has contributed to frustration among men and rise in suicidal cases.

The men have formed a self help group to raise the men who undergoing such situations called ‘Inua wazee’.

” We are facing difficult moments in our families, we cannot even enjoy marriage. We urge the government to empower men and consider a balanced treatment of both men and women.” Said Inua Wazee chairman, Samuel Muturi.

Men say their role in the family has been diminished and they cannot lead in any matters of the family.

Men in the Inua Wazee self help group have called upon the government to intervene in this matter.


Marriage can be difficult when the partners are not on the same paths.

What’s your thought on all this? Is men or the women who have a problem?


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