Embu: Police pursue man who used sanitary towels to make alcohol

Police are seeking a found after a man producing illegal brews with unused clean towels in Nthawa, Embu County.

The suspect took off when police struck his premises on Friday following a hint from people in general.

Region County Commissioner Eddyson Nyale and Police Commander Daniel Rukunga drove the officials in the activity in Mbeere North.

They found the cocktail being blended in with clean towels.

Be that as it may, the proprietor escaped, with the officials close behind.
Many liters of the mix and a transfer of sterile towels were seized.

Dr Nyale said police wouldn’t rest until the suspect was captured and indicted.

“The broker is jeopardizing the existences of occupants and won’t be saved,” he said.

He said the region security group was fully on guard as the assembling of unlawful alcohols was rising.

He said the dealer was on the police rundown of most needed brewers.

The mixes made nearby, he said, were not good for human utilization.

He vowed that the crackdown on brewers in the locale would proceed.

“Since the activity began, nine thought brewers have been captured and would confront the law,” he said.

Mr Rukunga expressed gratitude toward local people for helping out regulation masters in the battle against the exchange.

A few local people accept clean towels are utilized in making the mixes to ‘draw in’ more clients.

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