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Emotional post by Mighty Salim urging those who never helped him not to attend his burial emerges.

It was a sad evening for Kenyans and lovers of mugithii music after the untimely demise ofpopular benga musician.

Timothy Njuguna alias Mighty Salim passed on last evening as he was receiving treatment in one of the local hospitals.

Taking to the social media his close friends, colleagues and family members expressed shock after learning of his death.


Mighty Salim was diagnosed with diabetes back in 2003 , the famous musician was later diagnosed with kidney failure early 2008.

Barely three months ago the musician took to his social media requesting all his friends , fans, politician to assist him as he was seriously ill.

It was during the same time he jotted down an emotional message after less people showed up answers to his cry.

Mighty met his death after a day of celebrating his late brother Salim junior memorial, who passed on 5 years ago.

Salim’s message.

“Allow me to speak my heart coz this hurt so much…… radio stations and presenters . artists… politicians …. sio vizuri kuignore msanii wakatiako na shida na akiaga mnakua frst kutangaza na kuomboleza nimezunguka kwenyu sana na simu nimepiga nyingi kwenyu and I might not suceed or live forever

maisha yangu iko mikonononi mwa mungu wangu, nife ama niishe ni mapenzi yake Mola… but hii sio poa kama huwezi nisaidia nikiwa uhai hata nikifa usikuje…. maiti hakuhitaji na hahitaji pesa.

WAHESHIMIWA pia nyinyi wacheni kutuhitaji wakati wa campaigns pekee … it really pains kupiga mtu over 10 times akisema ako meeting…. kuja kwa station like 10 times…. it hurts…. thank you kameme tv, thanks mugikunjo and inooro … and to my friend politician i’m still keeping the fake cheque,… it’s now 4 months bless you.”

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