End of the road for Caroline Kangongo as DCI comes with new search strategies.

Police and DCI have been on the lookout for fleeing police officer Caroline Kangogo, but their efforts have not paid off. DCI has come up with a new strategy, however, as the search to block Kangogo enters its second week. DCI has mobilized elite units in Carol Kangogo’s ongoing search.

A new team of many organizations has now been tasked with finding Kangogo of Corporal. The team includes army officers, police and DCI.

Politician Carol Kangogo is on the run after the killing of two men, along with a fellow police officer. The officer is wanted because he is the main suspect in the two killings.

New strategies used by security agencies include enhanced surveillance in Kiambu County and along the highway. This will include security monitoring along the Nairobi – Nakuru, Nakuru – Eldoret highway as well as the Nairobi – Mombasa highway among other highways.

In addition, security agencies used new methods and increased monitoring of communication channels. Another new strategy that the security team will use to track down murder suspect Caroline Kangogo is hotel monitoring.

A senior detective from the DCI Special Services Unit told the Nation that they had increased the search role and search strategies to deter the fleeing police. He revealed that a special unit had been sent to carry out a special message of Kangogo’s arrest.

The team will look for all the places where Kangogo can hide, as well as in lodges. A senior detective at the DCI Special Services Unit also provided positive information that they would arrest Kangogo soon.

Anthony Sunguti, Nakuru County Criminal Investigation Officer, revealed that finding Kangogo was very difficult as they had no information to find him. However, hopes for the arrest of the policeman were renewed following the new strategies put in place. The strategies helped increase Caroline Kangogo’s search.

Mr Sunguti, however, denied allegations that fleeing police officer Caroline Kangogo was seen in Nakuru and Eldoret while roaming the social media and other platforms.

Nakuru County Criminal Investigation Officer Mr Sunguti added that it was very important for Kangogo to surrender, adding that he would soon be declared an extremist if he did not surrender. In addition, 11 days have passed and he will be listed as absent without official permission as he is still a police officer.


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