Eric Omondi ex-girlfriend details her horrific ordeal with her toxic boyfriend

Eric Omondi’s ex-girlfriend from Italy remembers the horrible day she was physically abused by her boyfriend Nicola Traldi. Through her Instagram account, she told a story that saw Eric Omondi help her and reported the matter to the police.

According to Ms Chanty, her boyfriend came home drunk, confronted her and forcibly entered the house, then beat her endlessly. She posted several photos of herself injured, saying it was not the first time she had been attacked by her boyfriend.

Her detailed message was read;

“This is to bring people’s attention to the fact that Nicolatraldi came drunk, he was upset and came into my house on Friday the 17th morning as I refused to let him go because I did not want to argue with him while he was drunk. He attacked me and pushed me down as you can see in the video posted by @ericomondi . “

She went on to explain why she was afraid to report the incident

“The published photos are also of previous attacks, this is not the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and indescribable that Nicola has attacked and intimidated me.
He often asked me to stay away from the media, which I did for fear of being harassed and attacked. I was scared to leave but on Friday it was the worst, I reached out to my mother unsuccessfully, at the same time my neighbors, guard and guard came to my rescue. I contacted Eric who was able to come and help me from there and also appeared in public on my behalf. We have complied with all the protocols required of us by the police and hospitals (private and public) but so far Nicola has not been arrested and has confiscated my SIM card, phone, car keys and house keys. When he attacked me he threatened to come back and I would not do anything because he knew the elders. It puts my life in danger because I do not know what he will do next. If he says he is a victim of the set, why can’t he report to the police station, he can’t contact him. It is traumatic and not easy for me physically and emotionally, nor is it easy for all types of GBV victims, anyone involved and especially those who cannot come forward and talk about it. Many die helplessly in silence. It is very unfortunate that GBV is not taken seriously in this country. »

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