Eric Omondi female fan tattoos his name on her thighs.

Eric Omondi is truly a sugar of women just as said by the wasafi page recently after he did a cover of Zuchu’s sukari song. Now just a few minutes ago a very loving and loyal super fan by the name Hustle Goddess revealed how she drew a tattoo of Erick’s name.

Now such an act is considered selfless and a true statement of loyalty. Erick went ahead on his timeline to show all his social media fans the video and the pics of the amazing. It is very unique and fans have flooded his instagram with comments .

Hustle Goddes is actually a very renowned for her love for tattoos and also her efforts as an epic presenter and social media influencer as seen on her YouTube channel. Most people are however skeptic about the way her body is all over cover with tattoos.

This kind of love is true and real and it is not a surprise . We are waiting to see what Erick will reward her.

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