Eric Omondi respond to Miguna Miguna Sarcastic comparison

Miguna Miguna Kenyan Lawyer who is based in Canada , and was chased out of the country after swearing in Raila as president made a sarcastic comparison that has left Eric Omondi dissapointed.

Miguna Miguna went ahead to claim that incase Raila was to go for an US tour after Ruto is done is like Eric fighting with Muhammad Ali without a referee , meaning that there wouldn’t be any win for Raila to go to US to try and dilute whatever DP Ruto is doing.

“Sending Raila off to London to speak at 2 International Fora days after William Ruto has spoken there is like sending Eric Omondi to a boxing ring with Muhammad Ali without a referee . Eric Omondi mangled jaw and Raila’s deformed pride would be a lesson for the future. ” Miguna tweeted.

Eric omondi;; Miguna Miguna

Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi has seemed to be dissapointed by Miguna’s tweet claiming he had thought of bringing Miguna back to Kenya but his tweet makes him think otherwise.

“Na venye nilikuwa nataka kusaidia huyu mubaba arudi nyumbani ( The way I wanted to help him come back) NKT! ” Eric replied.

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