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Pastor T Mwangi defends Ezekiel Mutua from Eric Omondi threats.


If you regularly visit social media pages, you must have met Pastor T Mwangi at some point. He is a God-fearing man who has good reason to be disturbed by opposers. A God-fearing person is stubborn and in any case, he is always vigorous and powerful. He is one of the Kenyan pastors who fights the evils of society through prayer, counsel and preaching.

A few hours ago, he wrote on his official Facebook page the encouragement of Ezekiel Mutua who received threats from Erick Omondi. Erick opposes Ezekiel Mutua’s idea of ​​using values ​​in Kenya. Pastor T Mwangi said the following.

“I want to ask the church to pray for Dr. Ezekiel Mutua. He is the gatekeeper. The media is a tool that the devil is using in recent times to teach a socialist and atheistic generation. which pushes, it will not affect him or his family but our generation.I wish your eyes would be opened to see in the spirit world the spirit of Jezebeluc who kills the prophets and their assignment in the land.The Church must speak and our voice must count.Continue to fight Ezekiel, no hero is celebrated “We miss the sun when the clouds are visible,” he wrote.

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