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Esther Musila praised by daughter for help in overcoming depression

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Gilda Naibei while speaking narrated how she was saddened following the death of her father in 2016 and the events that followed.

Gilda expressed her gratitude to her mother, Esther Musila, for her unwavering support during this difficult time.

Gilda revealed that her mother recognized her depression and immediately took steps to ensure she received the best health care available.

Esther’s understanding of Gilda’s condition enabled her to provide the necessary support and resources for her daughter’s recovery.

“We went to counseling together, and he was always so supportive and amazing,” Gilda said.

Esther Musila

Gilda described her mother as a person who does not give up, especially for the people she loves, and expressed her gratitude for her mother’s unwavering support.

She added that her mother’s engagement with gospel artist Guardian Angel was God’s way of thanking her for what she has done for her children.

Why Esther Musila means a lot to Gilda

Gilda remembers growing up as a child, mentioning that her mother used to take her and her siblings to school every day for 16 years.

She expressed her gratitude for her mother’s unwavering support, even when she traveled to South Africa to pursue her dreams.

On May 25, Esther turned 53 and Gilda sent her heartfelt birthday wishes, expressing her deep love for her mother.

Gilda described her mother as the most amazing mother and friend, saying that she doesn’t need many friends when she and her siblings are around.


On Esther Musila’s big day, her husband Angel Guardian expressed his love for her, talking about their three years together, which came as a pleasant surprise.

He added that falling in love with her was his most amazing experience as it rocked his world. He ended by wishing her all the best as she celebrated another year of life.

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