Ethiopian Airlines suspends pilots who reportedly fell asleep and missed landing

Africa’s greatest transporter Ethiopian Airlines said it has suspended two pilots who purportedly nodded off and missed their arrival during a departure from Khartoum to Addis Ababa.

The plane overshot the runway at Bole International Airport in the Ethiopian capital on Monday prior to landing securely, as per flight-following site FlightAware.

Free site The Aviation Herald said the pilots nodded off during the flight and were awakened by an alert set off when autopilot mode separated.

The plane returned again to land 25 minutes after the fact, flight information showed.

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Ethiopian Airlines said on Friday that flight ET343 had briefly lost correspondence with aviation authority however landed securely after it was reestablished.

Ethiopian Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines

“The concerned group have been taken out from activity, awaiting additional examination,” the carrier said. “Fitting restorative activity will be taken in view of the result of the examination.”

The trip between the two capitals regularly takes under two hours.

London flight examiner Alex Macheras depicted the occurrence as “profoundly concerning”, pinning it on broad weariness that represents a significant danger to air security.

“Pilot weariness is the same old thing, and keeps on presenting one of the main dangers to air wellbeing – universally,” he posted on Twitter

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