Eunice Njeri ex-husband Izzo Bukasa in a child trafficking operation

Days after Kenyan rapper Isaac Bukasa false name Izzo openly shared his marriage testament it arose he’s a sex wrongdoer in the territory of Texas.

“God reestablishes the grieved and restores them once more,” Izzo subtitled an image of himself and his better half holding a marriage endorsement.

Irene Njeri Kaberere, his supposed ex has reduced most, if not all, connection with Izzo and, surprisingly, deactivated her online entertainment accounts.

In 2016, Gospel vocalist Eunice Njeri sealed the deal with Izzo in Texas, USA however canceled the marriage not long after, as ‘her heart was somewhere else’.

In media outlets in Kenya Izzo was referred to as Isaac Bukasa as his genuine name anyway the marriage authentication demonstrated his name was Ado Kapita Bukasa.

Appalling past arises

A fast pursuit on google shows he is on a sex guilty party list in the territory of Texas.

In August 2020, Izzo was among the 15 individuals who were captured for online sales of minor charges following a youngster dealing examination including different organizations.

Izzo is as of now recorded on the public authority run Texas Department of Public Safety site of sex guilty parties.

Izzo Bukasa - genuine names Ado Kapita Bukasa on the sex guilty party vault
Izzo Bukasa – genuine names Ado Kapita Bukasa on the sex guilty party vault

As per the data on the site, Bukasa moniker Isaac will be under probation and local area oversight for the following 20 years (2042). He is additionally expected to answer to the post trial supervisor every year.

His image originally showed up on the site on 21/10/2013 a couple of years after he left Kenya. He was 22-year-old then, at that point.

“The vault contains data as detailed by the policing that filled in as the wrongdoer’s last Texas enrollment authority.

Registrants who leave the state will triumph ultimately their last announced state/nation of planned home reflected in the location piece of their record.

Enlistment data will stay on the site until the obligation to enroll has lapsed or other help permitted by resolution is allowed. (Craftsmanship. 62.101 and 62.251 Tx CCP),” the site read to some extent.

Likewise, they have shown his gamble level is low significance the individual represents a low risk to the local area and won’t probably take part in criminal sexual direct.

How Izzo Bukasa got on the sex wrongdoer vault

Concerning what is the wrongdoing of online requesting of a minor, under Texas regulation, a grown-up perpetrates the offense by purposely discussing in a physically unequivocal manner with a minor or by dispersing physically express material to a minor by means of the Internet or electronic informing administration, like through texts.

While an enlisted sex guilty party might very well never re-insult, the outcomes of the conviction and vault might follow that person for eternity.

States don’t deny enlisted sex guilty parties from getting a marriage permit — even current detainees can get hitched — yet their wedded life might be influenced by the vault explicitly, and probation conditions by and large.

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