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Queen Elizabeth wishes England team good luck ahead of EURO finals against Italy.

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Queen Elizabeth of England has sent a message to England’s football manager to wish the team well before their expected match since the 1966 World Cup final.

England face Italy in the Euro 2020 final at Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday, sparking excitement across the country, with beer sales increasing and special permission for children to start school on Monday.

Queen Elizabeth writes letters to English football team ahead of Euro final against Italy [photo courtesy]
Elizabeth wrote a letter to manager Gareth Southgate in which he recalled his memory of presenting the World Cup to England in 1966 and seeing the joy it brought.

“I want to… send my wishes for tomorrow with the hope that history will not only record your success but also the spirit, dedication and pride that you have driven yourself with,” he wrote.

The team was also wished all the best in a letter on Saturday by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson . He commended them for what they have achieved so far and praised their collective work with “pure purity”.

“You have lifted the spirits of the whole country, and tomorrow we know you can lift that trophy as well,” Johnson wrote.

“We don’t just trust or pray. We trust you Gareth and your amazing team. On behalf of the whole nation, good luck, good game – and take it home!”

If England won the tournament, there are rumors Johnson could announce a national holiday to celebrate. Request for leave if the team’s victory received more than 350,000 signatures.

While England have only reached the final of the major tournament once, it will be Italy’s 10th final. On behalf of Britain, a crowd of 60,000 people will be a great help to the nation.
Scotland and Wales were among the British nations which were eliminated early in the tournament when Northern Ireland did not qualify.

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