Ex Al Shabaab linked to Westgate attack gets a cabinet job in Somalia

A previous Al Shabaab warrior, who was essential for the gathering’s top initiative when the Westgate Mall in Nairobi was attacked after in September 2013, has been named to Somalia’s new bureau.

Mukhtar Robow Ali, otherwise called Abu Mansoor, who filled in as the appointee top of the Al-Qaeda subsidiary gathering, has been designated Minister for Religion by Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre.

“After much consideration with the president and people in general, I have named bureau priests who have schooling and experience and they will satisfy their obligations. I request that the parliament support the bureau representatives,” the Prime Minister said after he reported the bureau nominees.

 Ex Al Shabaab Mukhtar Robow Ali
Ex Al Shabaab Mukhtar Robow Ali

It is important that the US once put a Sh60 million abundance on Robow’s head however this was removed only days after the Westgate assault of September 21, 2013 when it arose that he had dropped out with the assailant bunch pioneer Abdi Godane.

At that point, Robow was Al Shabaab’s longest serving representative. Mr Godane kicked the bucket in September 2014 in a US drone assault.

In 2017, following quite a while of stowing away from both Al Shabaab and the Somalia government because of a paranoid fear of being captured, Robow emerged and was lauded by the Somalia government at large.

After a year, Robow reported that he was running for a political seat and presented his mission trademark as “Security and Justice,” prompting his capture. The Somalia government has never given an explanation with regards to why they kept Robow.

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