Ex-Citizen tv anchor, Kimani Mbugua reveals how he ran mad and was admitted at Mathare hospital.

In the middle of his undergraduate studies at Moi University, Kimani Mbugua organized a concert on Nation FM.

This will turn out to be an entertainment journalist and producer opportunity at Nation Media Group in 2016.

As an entertainment reporter, Kimani would host a Trend Show with Larry Madowo before joining Royal Media Services as a reporter on Citizen TV.

Two years ago, Kimani Mbugua’s life changed after he began to suffer from a mental illness.

He talks about how one of his relationships broke up, the worst breakup ever to take place.

“It was a tough relationship, we were all at different times in our lives. I think we were in a time when we couldn’t meet each other’s needs the way we wanted.

I felt dissatisfied. I was not getting the satisfaction I wanted from the relationship so I started cheating. My girlfriend then discovered, it was explosive. I found myself in a situation where I was trying to repair a relationship with two people. It led me to the worst separation ever, ”he said in a podcast on Kimani Mbugua.

That separation left an atheist, so his online attack on the SDA church and his decision to become an atheist.

In December 2019, Kimani met another girl, whom he dated in February 2020.

“It was a quick decision, she was in good health, I talked to her father and planned to officially take her to my care, one fine February I drove home and decided to smoke marijuana … Don’t know where the idea came from.”

What Kimani Mbugua describes as “the saddest event in his life” began after he smoked marijuana.

Through the Kimani Mbugua podcaster, the journalist explains how drug addiction began.

“I saw a woman who looked like a goddess who came to sleep with me. She started calling my name.”

As the drug addiction continued, Kimani went into a coma and was admitted to Mathare Hospital.

He has been admitted to Mathare psychiatric hospital twice since 2020.

Kimani advises people not to use drugs.

Eight months ago, Kimani Mbugua resigned from his job in Kenyans and that was the end of his mainstream media career.

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