Ex-harambee stars defender, Odhiambo Gor cries out to kenyans for medical help.

Joseph Odhiambo Kwanga is a sad man. Known for his winning contribution on the field while at Luo Union with Harambee Stars in the 1970s and 1980s, Odhiambo Kwanga, or simply Odhiambo Gor as he is called in football circles, is now his shadow. -.
When recently found him at the home of his daughter Kamulu, Nairobi County, Odhiambo was unable to walk with his knees bandaged.

“I need help. I am in a lot of pain and I need immediate treatment. Please tell Kenyans I am sick,” the former bodyguard said aloud, weak, with pain written all over his face.

His illness began in 1979 when he suffered what appeared to be a minor injury while playing for Kenya in the 1980 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) qualifier against Egypt, in Nairobi under the leadership of coach Steve Yongo.

“I chose an air balloon but my score remained low,” recalls a 68-year-old man who lost his wife in 1998. ” was reviewed and suggested I be changed.

Joseph Odhiambo Gor

“Apart from being given painkillers, I have never been treated for this disease. “

He lived in agony until his retirement. Things got worse a few years ago.

“I felt bad walking so I started to move slowly, but it put pressure on the other leg. Now I can’t go any further either.

On December 1, Bondo Sub-County Hospital, where he was being treated, referred him to a specialized treatment center. In a referral note, the chief medical specialist of the medical institution indicates that Odhiambo suffers from “chronic back and knee pain on both sides”.

“he has a reduced ODI – 60%, NPRS – 7/10, he walks at a reduced speed. X-ray shows multiple osteophytes in the knee on both sides, at the level of the tibia and femurs,” the note shows.

In 2006, he was sent back to India for specialist treatment, but failed to raise the Sh600,000 needed for medical treatment abroad.

He then went to Kijabe Mission Hospital in Nairobi where he underwent a knee replacement, but could not afford the 1.2 million shillings needed for surgery, orthopedics, and medicine.

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