Ex-inmates say ‘ I do’ on prison grounds.

Virginia kalondu has been to three different juvenile prisons for two different crimes but on tuesday she said “i do” in the confines of the Kingongo maximum security prison in nyeri county.

Kalondu said she decided to get married in prison while feeling at home as she spent seven years in prison and made hee feel closer.

“I decided to have my wedding here because the prison feels at home. I have been in prison for seven years and in all those years I have never met anyone who made me feel like ‘it is more property than this place,” she said.

The couple explained that since they were former prisoners, they did not think they would find someone who was willing to love them until they met at an international youth camp.

“When I met him, deep down in my heart I did not think anyone would love me, especially with the knowledge of my past crimes, but he loved me. I was desperate for love,” she said.

Mzera explained that he was volunteering during the youth program when he met Kalondu and shared their past life experiences.

“I was volunteering for one of their programs and that’s when I met Virginia and we started talking about our past and I fell in love with her in 2017,” said Mzera.

Kalondu explained that he had been in three different juvenile prisons for two separate offenses.

She served her first sentence in Kirigiti Girls’ Prison after being found in possession of marijuana and another sentence for attempted murder.

After graduating from high school, she was sent to Lang’ata Women’s Prison but released.

“I have been in prison for seven years. After I finished high school, I was supposed to be sent to Lang’ata Women’s Prison but the judge took pity on me and released me,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mzera graduated from high school in 2014 and joined a criminal gang before being arrested and sentenced to one year in the Kingorani prison in Mombasa.

Mzera and Kalondu were connected through a Mental Education program that helped them to reform.

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