EX-MCA Onesmus charged with murder of Kilifi Tycoon.


Former Kilifi MCA Onesmus Gambo Karisa has been charged with the murder of the Kilifi governor, his driver and a land agent.

Mr Gambo, a former Junju sub-district representative, was arraigned on Wednesday in the Mombasa High Court along with his white aide Shume Mwangemi, who called him Saidi Chote, a rebel, who, according to the government, has other murder charges, for example.

The charges against them show that the two killed Sidik Anwarali Sumra, Rahil Mohamed Kasmani and James Kafan Kazungu.

Mr Mwangemi and Mr Karisa appeared before Judge Njoki Mwangi and were not required to answer the charges.

Judge Mwangi ordered the suspects to be sent to the Coastal Teaching and Referral Hospital for a psychiatric examination before formally filing the charges.

The court also ordered the deputy registrar to appoint a lawyer for the suspects.

On Tuesday, detectives told a court in Shanzu that Mr Mwangemi had been misrepresented in the murder case and was therefore a good man.

The two were among 15 people arrested by police last month for the horrific murder of the three.

Of the 15 people, 13 were released. But detectives are still following important guidelines and more people could be arrested.

Bloody clothes and telephone conversations helped detectives find the suspects in the case.

Court documents indicate that the suspects may have been at the scene of the murder. The victim’s car was also set on fire.

Details are contained in the affidavit of detective officer Dennis Isemek. The officer presented the information last month when he wanted to detain the suspects while completing his investigation.

Detectives seized the suspects’ fingerprints and seized their mobile phones and handed them over for forensic examination.

Mr Karisa last month denied in Shanzu court of having being involved in the killings. He admitted meeting the locals but denied knowing the perpetrators.

The killings took place when three people traveled to the county to see a piece of land that Mr Sumra wanted to buy.

Police reports indicate that on the day of the murder, Mr Sumra and Mr Kasmani, his driver, went to meet Mr Kazungu.

Mr Kazungu was a land agent and took the two of them to Junju to see the land.

A police affidavit shows that squatters who knew Mr Sumra turned on him and attacked the aliens with bad weapons, claiming that they had come to take the land of the squatters living.

Investigators say Mr Karisa was directly involved in the killings.

He and Mr. Mwangemi were remanded in custody at Tewa Pit Security Prison.

They will appear in court on August 19 to refute the charges.

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