Ex Tahidi High actress Veronica Mwaura hospitalised.

Former Tahidi High actress Veronica Mwaura, who played Miss Obija, is seriously ill. This information was revealed in a statement from the secretary general of the Kenya Cultural Center Artists Association.

In a statement, the party noted that Veronica, who is also a producer of the performing arts, was hospitalized a few days ago and is in critical condition.

The statement added that the Actress Welfare Committee was requesting public assistance in resolving the Veronica hospital bill.

Miss Obija

Read the statement below:

“The theater and film industry is facing a major disaster.

We now have a legend, a producer of theater art, a brave woman by the name of Veronica Mwaura; Producer of PAMBAZUKA ARTS PRODUCTION who was admitted a few days ago in critical condition.

As the KCCAA Stakeholder Welfare Committee, we ask you to support it by sending your donations to its thriving Bull hospital.

Please send your contribution to the KCCAA Treasurer. No phone. 0721836262. MPESA name. MICHAEL NGUNGA MBOYA.


Sincerely, General Secretary of the Artists Association of Kenya Cultural Center.

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