Ezekiel Mutua dismisses rumors of him being sacked from his job.

Mutua said he would leave office if asked to do so by the council.

Kenya’s film director Ezekiel Mutua is outraged by the dismissal of KFCB CEO and ICT cabinet secretary Joe Mucheru.

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In a tweet from Senator Makueni Mutula Kilonzo, it was stated that Mucheru had illegally fired Mutua.

Speaking in a previous interview with Jacque Maribe, Mutua said he would leave office if asked by the board.

“My employer is a board of directors, the rest is an exhibition. I’m an experienced journalist and I don’t like the headline, I really think I value KFCB more than any other way around. I don’t think I’ll die at work. The time will come when I will leave. “

Mutua added that his opponents’ withdrawal agenda was national. He had a public conversation with Eric Omondi who vowed to push for his dismissal.

Mutua elaborated saying ,You can’t be a soldier or a striker and be loved on the other side. I know my job, I am a regulator who I do not like.

” My contract expires in October but until then I will be in office,” He added.

“My job is to please God in everything at all times and if KFCB’s departure pleases him, then I will leave. My contract expires in October and those who give the deadline can just wait.”

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