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Fact-Check: Has Malaysia Airplane MH370 that disappeared 9 years ago been found?

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The photo shows the old Lockheed Martin L1011 Tristar aircraft in the Red Sea. The photo is from a video uploaded by Deep Blue Dive Center, a scuba diving company in Aqaba, Jordan. The Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777, which disappeared in 2014, has not yet been found.

FACT: Social media users are circulating photos of an old plane abandoned on the ocean floor, claiming it shows the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which has not been found since it crashed in 2014 with 239 people on board.

A post on Twitter shows a picture of the front of a rusted plane covered in seaweed and reads: “Malaysian flight MH370 that disappeared 9 years ago has been found under the sea without human bones . The plane had 239 passengers. The post had more than 61,000 likes by Tuesday night.

The photo was also shared on Facebook, along with several others of the side of the sunken plane and the seats inside, with the same claim that it showed a Malaysian plane.

But the photo does not show Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which is still missing. It shows an abandoned plane that was sunk near the Jordan to create an artificial reef.

The photo comes from an Instagram video posted on April 6 by Deep Blue Dive Center, a company that offers diving training and other underwater activities in the Gulf of Aqaba.

The original video also matches other images of the plane seen in the Facebook post.

“Tristar Flight Crashed into Red Sea, Aqaba JO,” reads the caption. The company noted in the post that the plane was deliberately shot down or sunk in 2019 and became an artificial reef.

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