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Family cries out for govt help after 4years of keeping bones of their loved one eaten by hyena.

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For the past four years, one family in Komo village in Thika, Kiambu County, has been grieving, despairing and mourning over the death of their baby who was mutilated by a hyena.

All these years, some of the remains of Joseph Njuguna who was attacked while herding cattle have been kept in a state pharmacy, thus depriving his family of the opportunity to bury him.

Two days after the attack in early 2017, family members said they had collected some parts of the body including ribs, intestines, bones, hair and scrap clothes, some of which they had stored in their home. . .

The remains are carefully stored in a green bag inside a wooden box in the family home, which is more than 12 miles [20 km] from the Thika highway.

Outraged by the government’s action in delaying the release of samples sent to the state pharmacy, the grieving family has lost all hope of burying their child.

According to the deceased’s younger brother, Fredrick Kahuha, the government has thwarted their efforts to obtain DNA results that would have allowed them to obtain a funeral permit from local authorities.

“Every time we ask for Government results, we are told to wait for further analysis. The government seems to deny that my brother’s death was caused by a hyena attack, but we have enough evidence to prove it, ”Kahuha said.

He added that the four-year waiting period for government communications was marred by trauma, anger and denial that their child had been maimed by wild animals.

He said following the incident, their father had high blood pressure and his mother Margaret Njeri’s health was deteriorating.

Njeri for his part complained that despite the delay, his son was attacked and killed by animals that the government should keep.

Calling for a speedy investigation into the case, Njeri said the family’s desire, at least for now, was to give their child a good holiday, adding that the continued storage of his remains in the house was a chore.

“The four years of waiting have been very difficult. We do not think we live in the same house with the remains of Njuguna and it is not in our culture not to bury their loved ones once they are dead,” said the grieving woman.

The family filed the appeal following a recurring hyena attack in various villages in Kiambu County, which authorities confirmed killing two people in a week’s time.

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