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Family forced to bury son’s leg severed in strange attack.

According to the sources [Opera news], a twenty two year old man Duncan Kakai explained on his sick bed how we escaped death narrowly. This was after his leg was cut off using an axe in the 5th April attack.

He added that the attacker threatened to kill his two sisters and a cousin unless he complied with what he was told. He said that the attacker claimed that his father and his stepmother owed him some money which he demanded to be payed that night. Levi Kakai, the victims father said that his son called to inform him about what the attacker was demanding, but he was shocked as he knew very well he owed no-one any amount of money.

The attacker was therefore annoyed and ordered the young man to lie flat on the ground before he too k off his axe and smashed the left leg. Before chopping the leg, the man ordered Kaikai to call his sisters and direct her where to collect his body, after which he switched off the phone and continued with his mission.

Duncan says that he was bursted by the attackers while he was at the toilet at around 9pm and then they dragged him for about 500metres.

They left him in so much pain but he gathered some courage some courage and strength to switch on his phone and directed her sister on where to find him

His leg was amputated in Kakamega county referral hospital.

The family was forced to dig a grave beside his house and observed some tradition required and buried the leg, thou Duncan did not attend since he was still in the hospital.

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