Family of late Wakapee in court over Ksh 300 million fortune.

Late Juja legislator, Francis Waititu, alias Wakapee, was buried on March 2nd but barely a week after the burial, the family is in court over 300 million fortune left behind. Wakapee left behind properties worth just a bit over a quarter of a billion and now the family wants the inheritance distributed.

Terry Njeri and Michael Munyua, who are children of the late MP are suing their stepmother of assuming sole administration of their father’s estate.

The case has been filed before the high court has revealed that the stepmother disposed of properties like jewelry, clothes and even spectacles of the late MP unceremoniously. The lawsuit also indicates that documents belonging to the late MP have also disappeared mysteriously.

At the center of the tussle is Wakapee’s house and land in Juja that is valued at 70million . He also had rental properties in Juja and ruiru as well as stocks in various companies.

The case is scheduled to be heard at a later date that is to be communicated to the family.

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