Fatuma Gedi takes a whole suitcase of evidence over Ruto land grabbing

Wajir Women’s Representative Fatuma Gedi arrived at Parliament House with a suitcase which she says contains evidence linking Vice President William Ruto to allegations of land grabbing.

Gedi is expected to present the documents to the National Assembly in support of the charges against Ruto on Tuesday, April 12.

Gedi, during a session of the National Assembly on Tuesday, claimed that deputy Ruto had acquired farms in Trans Nzoia, Wajir, Taita Taveta and Nairobi counties without a doubt.

“It was in the public domain, including court orders that William Ruto seized the land and I have no amnesty. Give me two days and I will bring the details,” Gedi told President Justin Muturi.

Given Gedi’s public declaration that he could present evidence that could lead to DP Ruto’s resignation, President Muturi gave him until Thursday at 2:30 p.m. to get his confirmation before Parliament.

“Do not forget that you are the one who volunteered to testify. We usually do not allow people to say they will testify after two days, ”Muturi said.

“When you say anything here you should have the material but due to the seriousness of what you said soon I will let you and so Hon. Gedi on Thursday 14 at 2:30 p.m., we expect you to come up with details.

Gedi promised to present the evidence after lawmakers working with DP Ruto, led by Kikuyu MK Kimani Ichung’wah and his Endebess counterpart Robert Pukose, demanded his support.

“Fatuma Gedi should prove and prove that this candidate took over the land. It is right for Gedi to legitimize or resign and especially to apologize for appointing DP Ruto,” Ichung’wah said.

“Fatuma Gedi has publicly stated that William Ruto had seized the land, he can give that evidence in this house. We want him to give evidence and justify it, ”Pukose added.

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