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Fire Breaks Out at KBC Headquarters in Nairobi

A fire broke out at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) central command on the morning of Monday, July 11.

A source from the Harry Thuku-based media house affirmed to
Sambazanews media that the fire broke out at the establishment’s bottle a couple of moments before 6:00 a.m.

A video cut seen by Sambazanews media showed how the blazes consumed the entire structure which is connected to the fundamental block lodging its communicating studios.

The fire was, nonetheless, contained by the police as well as the G4S after an underlying postpone by the Nairobi district government which purportedly didn’t have a fire motor on reserve.

Sources inside KBC affirmed to this essayist that all the staff on the job were cleared and that nobody was harmed in the early-morning episode.

“It began in no time before 6 a.m., G4S and police have contained the fire. Staff on the job cleared. Everybody is protected,” expressed the source.

It is as yet not satisfactory what caused the fire which has since been contained. The degree of the harm likewise stays obscure.

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