Football star Adams still in coma for 39years after operation went wrong.

The story of Jean-Pierre Adam, a former football star is one of the shocking stories hitting headlines around the world. The former football star played for France national football team went into hospital for routine knee surgery back in the year 1982 and has been in a coma since then.

Jean-Pierre Adams is a Senegalese citizen but he moved to France at the age of 10 and played several French clubs. Adams also played for the likes of Nice and Paris Saint Germain.

He was later nicknamed ‘The black rock’ by football fans. Adams made 22 appearances for France national team . The former football star played for France for a period of 5years, that is between 1972 and 1976.

Adams decided to retire at the age of 33 then a year later his life took a tragic turn when he was booked into a hospital in Nice for routine surgery. The main reason of this surgery was to repair a reptured knee ligament.

It was reported that Adams was given a near fatal dose of anesthetic before the operation took place. He was left in a vegetative state after taking the dose. It was reported that Adams suffered a bronchospasm at the age of 34, starving his brain oxygen leaving him in a coma up to date. He is now at the age of 73.

What shocked many is that a court handed the anesthetist and a trainee one month suspension sentence and a hefty fine.

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