Forgive me Simon: Sarah Kabu pleads

During an interview with Christina Lewis the Voice of East Africa, Sarah Kabu revealed that she was ready for a divorce.

She stated the reason for her divorce would be because of the babymamas drama that have been in her marriage for the past 10 years.

“I went through so much in my marriage and finally decided that I will live my real life,” she said.

“People were getting too inspired by our story and I was like am only showing the good part of my life and you are not seeing the bad part. People look at us as soft people and we have become a soft target for bad people. That is why sometimes, I do some controversial things so people can also see we have challenges.”

“When we were getting married and he told me about the daughter and the mother, I told him I hope they will not start interfering with our marriage,” she narrated.

Now she has changed her mind and wants her marriage back on track with the burden of two babymamas, 10 years of unresolved drama and angered the murderous queen.

In an apology to Simon Kabu, Sarah said: “Sorry for my family. When I was in distress I said things I shouldn’t have said online and so misleading. Life is a lesson and we learn every day.”

Then she apologized.
“Forgive me Simon. Let’s settle our issues offline. Everything is fine. Please put us in prayers#Marriage Work.”

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