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Form 4 girl feeds her baby to the dogs a day after delivering him in Exam room.

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A girl has been taken to the police station after a tragic incident which reportedly happened in her school where she allegedly fed her new born baby to the dog moments after giving birth to him.

According to the reports received from reliable sources , it has been reported that the suspect whose name is yet to be revealed for security reasons started experiencing labor pain before leaving the exam room after which she gave birth to her.

However, this was followed by a dramatic scene after she was allegedly seen walking around a day after with no baby despite the fact that most of her classmates knew that she was pregnant and had given birth to the baby.

After being reported to the local authorities who demanded to know whereabouts of the new born baby, the suspect is reported to have taken them where she left the baby who was luckily found alive and in stable condition with no dog bites.

The infant was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital for check up whereas the mother was taken to the police station for more investigations and questioning waiting to be charged with attempted murder.

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