Students fail to turn up for form 1 admission in Bomet county.


The principal and staff of Kitoben High School in Bomet County are in trouble because no student has been offered first grade. Not knowing what to do, the school asked the local parents to send their children to school.

“I urge parents to bring their children, after all it is a community institution. I do not know why a week after the admission started, no student showed up,” he told a reporter with TAACH FM.

The school, which is more than 20 years old, has been reported to be doing very poorly since its inception and parents are living away from it.

The local community is now blaming the school administration for destroying the school for their own selfish gain. They claim that the students at the school outnumber Form 2. The girls are married and the boys are disappointed.

Taking social networks, users were surprised to wonder how everyone who was called to the school did not get the desire to join. In the Ministry of Education guidelines, 100% change was on the agenda and all KCPE applicants were divided according to their choice in all available high schools.

Many schools recorded missing issues and names to question the legitimacy of the admission system by the Ministry of Education.

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