Form One orphan student report to school with an empty box.

On Wednesday, May 4, a first-grade student surprised the teachers of Kanga High School when he arrived at the school with an empty box.

Geoffrey Omollo, an orphan, expressed his desire to learn when he came out empty-handed and asked the supervisors not to send him home.

In his box, Omollo had only an old dictionary, a dictionary, and a pair of sports shoes.

“That’s the only thing I could do because I don’t have a parent. Even a few books and shoes were given to me by a neighbor whose son had just graduated from high school,” Omollo told the Daily Nation.

The talented student, who scored 387 KCPE marks, did not march and did not want to lose his first form.

He revealed that a generous neighbor had bought the box with a parent giving him a ride to school.

The principal of the school Rueben Kodiango said the student was admitted and will be provided with the necessary learning materials.

He called on his followers to come forward and help him achieve his dreams.

“We will welcome him and provide him with the necessary learning materials. Any supporters who can help will be a great help to this young man, Kodiango said.

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