“She loves her space,” Frankie explains why they don’t live together with Corazon.

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Recently, Frankie and Corazon celebrated their 2th anniversary as a couple and 1 birthday as parents. Two seemed to be in a promising relationship and even confirmed earlier and Frankie that he was very happy at the same time emotionally and physically honorable to his bae corazon Kwamboka. As expected, once you are in connection with the child, many are waiting for you to stay together as a husband and wife, but with Frankie and a lawyer who is not.

Today, during the session to answer the question about his Instagram, when asked a fan of how they match two houses

“How can you sync your house with your corazon and her? Do you go home at a time?

Frankie’s answer was simple “Corazon for love and position!” He also explained that Corazon prefers his home elsewhere. He even complains in Frankie’s house. I think these couples are just true, not quick. All at its own pace.

Do you think This means that you take action at a time? Remember when celebrating their second birthday, they mentioned as husband and wife. Something that fans of pink debate ask if they decided to get married. What do you think is why they still go to different houses despite being in a promising relationship and having a child together?

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