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Fresh details emerge on death of ex Kameme Fm presenter Jedidah Wambui.

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New news has emerged of the death of former Kameme FM presenter, Jedidah Wambui Weru, who died on December 27, 2021 in Seattle in the United States (USA).

Speaking to the media on Saturday, January 23, the daughter of the former broadcaster, Esther Nyawira said she received reports of her mother’s death from one of her relatives who had received a phone call from a friend.

Nyawira added that they tried to find the author’s husband to tell him what had happened to the journalist who they said was in good health before Christmas.

Jedidah Wambui

In a phone call with the family, Wambui’s husband said his wife’s late blood pressure was low and he was unconscious.

He added that his health had deteriorated within two days, adding that the journalist was sane in his final minutes.

“The next day he was sicker than before, the last day he rested and his blood count was lower than before. He was in a state of complete unconsciousness and was stunned. I was with him all day, holding his hand until he died,” he said at the time. .

However, the family denied the accounts provided by the journalist’s husband. Nyawira said her mother’s behavior changed after she got married in 2021.

“There was no family to walk him on the road, so for us he was not married. My grandmother did not get a dowry, so she did not get married.

“In January 2021, he stopped talking or posting on Facebook, WhatsApp and social networks,” he said.

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