Fuel crisis to end in 72hours

Energy Minister Monica Juma urged Kenyans not to worry about the perceived oil shortages across the country.

Speaking at the Ministry of Energy’s offices in Nairobi on Thursday, Juma assured Kenyans that there was enough fuel to save energy in the country until June.

“We have enough stock in our warehouses. The schedule of incoming goods has not been broken. We have an amount that would last until the end of June without any problems. There is no reason to panic,” Juma said.

The minister said the ministry had already held several successful meetings with oil companies and traders to address any issues and concerns.

She noted that the government is ready to fulfill its mandate to ensure adequate oil supply in the country.

Juma said traders were stockpiling the product in anticipation of a higher price later in the day.

“I confirm that conservation is taking place. It is a crime and it is an economic sabotage. We expect supply and demand to be adjusted within the next 72 hours after oil prices are announced,” Juma said.

“Economic sabotage is a crime of death. We will deal with the perpetrators directly. This cannot be tolerated,” he said.

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