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Gem fuel tanker explosion victims to get Kshs 50,000 each.

Families affected by the Gem shipwreck in Siaya County will receive a grant of 50,000 shillings from the national government, the provincial legislator said.

Elisha Odhiambo said that although it is valued, there is a need to give more.

Lawmakers said a pathologist would help identify the bodies. The death toll from Saturday night’s fire has so far reached 15 people.

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He also urged oil companies to help families and inform them of oil products and the risks involved.

Odhiambo called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to help the civilians.

Three women, as well as a seven-month-old pregnant woman, were among the victims of a fuel tank fire Saturday night near Yala.

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Several other people who tried to absorb fuel from the tank received serious injuries after a fire broke out, engulfing them.

Mourning broke out in Malanga village in Gem, as residents struggled to accept the incident as families struggled to hear the fate of the missing relatives.

Some 24 survivors were admitted to nearby facilities and others were transferred to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Odinga by the Kisumu Referral Hospital.

Some relatives of those who were still missing broke into tears, thinking that they were among the lost.

Gem OCPD Mosera Chacha said yesterday that the accident happened when the tank collided with a truck carrying milk.

“Members of the public took advantage of the situation and went to the petrol siphon when part of the tank was open. said Chacha.

He said they had the fire with the help of Busia County fire trucks. Regional officials, led by MP Odhiambo, sent their condolences to the bereaved families but regretted the late’s response from the authorities.

The accident brings back memories of such accidents in which several people died after trying to extract oil from water ships involved in the accident. In 2016, 30 people died in Naivasha after a similar incident.


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