Full list of Fines to incur if found in any wrong along Nairobi Expressway

As the government prepares to open the Nairobi Expressway for public use on Saturday, May 9, Moja Expressway, the company responsible for overseeing the massive project has launched a list of fines that motorists face when using highways.

From the thousands to Kshs 8.8 million, all drivers were asked to be vigilant as a small incident could cost them an arm and a leg.

As stated in the road management booklet that has not yet been released, drivers will have to pay Ksh 8.8 million for damage to the Cantilever information sign that provides information about the direction of the vehicle.

Damage to the ticket machine results in a fine of Ksh 1.9 million, while damage to the vehicle identification system results in a fine of Ksh 2.4 million.

Damage to the toll zone results in a fine of between Ksh 1.3 million and 1.8 million depending on the standard, while damaging the camera in the toll zone results in a fine of Ksh 628,678.

Other fines include damage to one lamp post which is fined between Ksh 143,890 and Ksh 262,023 and graphite fines of Ksh 2,362.

A car stuck on a highway will be charged between Kshs 4,000 and Kshs 40,000 depending on its class and distance.

Lifting costs, on the other hand, can reach Ksh 140,000. The parking costs for the vehicles involved in the accident are between Ksh 0-900 depending on the type of vehicle and the hours used on the highway.

Concrete damage attracts a fine of Ksh 6,592, tar scratches also attract Ksh 2,362 while damage to concrete fines is set at Ksh 45,365.

Damage to the protected road attracts Ksh 45,348 while that of the sign is estimated at Ksh 34,547 and Ksh 81,120.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday, May 8, announced that the highway test would begin on Saturday, May 14.

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